With 60 eighth-grade girls, 29 staff, 17 workshop presenters, and many volunteers, AAUW-NM completed a week of residential STEM camp on June 25.

Watch the slide show TECH TREK 2016

Morning core classes for each girl were one of the following:

  • App Inventor (Computer Science): AAUW-Verizon App Inventor curriculum
  • Cybersecurity (Computer Science): AAUW-Symantec Cybersecurity curriculum
  • Designing a Motorized Toy Challenge (Mechanical Engineering): Use gears, power and torque to design and build a motorized toy.
  • Girl-powered Robot (Computer Science/Engineering): Apply basic engineering principles and design methods to build and program a robot to obey your commands.
  • A Tour Through the Stellar Cycle of Life (Astronomy): Investigate the birth, midlife and death of stars and how astronomers to study stars use different colors of light. In the afternoons girls attended two workshops each day from the following:
  • All About that Bass: Make Music with Raspberry Pi
  • CSI: DNA
  • Light, Color, and Sparkles
  • Nanotechnology
  • Ozobots! Explore Coding through Mini-robots
  • Photonic Cooking
  • Physiology in Motion
  • Rocks and Fossils of New Mexico
  • Science Writing—More Than Lab Reports
  • The Social Life of Pennies
  • Water Beneath Our Feet
  • Weather or Not: Forecasting Hazardous Weather Events
  • What Do Electricity and Magnetism Have To Do With Each Other

Evening activities included swimming, a Professional Women’s Banquet, a visit to the campus mineral museum, and a visit from ham radio operators, among others. And on the field day trip Thursday we visited the Very Large Array west of Magdalena.

All branches in the state contributed in several (and sometimes all) among the following ways:

Members serving on the steering committee, financial donations, contacting middle schools to encourage nominations, interviewing applicants, reading essays, members serving on selection committee, providing staff, contacting potential staff, and serving as volunteers at the camp.

Thanks to every single person and branch for their assistance. A particular thanks to the Socorro branch for hosting our staff at what turned out to be a very windy picnic on Wednesday evening.

In fact, a big thanks to all who helped in any way, including encouraging our efforts! We’ll be starting plans for 2017 soon, so if you know of some way you might want to help next year, please let us know,

Many of our branches do other STEM activities during the year, hopefully to be included in their branch reports. Particularly note Expanding Your Horizons, Girls Can!, and Careers and Curiosity programs by several branches.

Cheri T. Burch, STEM Coordinator,


SF 7-22-2016