New Mexico not in compliance in Title IX reporting

An American Association of University Women (AAUW) analysis of the recently released U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for 2013–14 on harassment and bullying determined how commonly harassment is being reported in America’s public schools. When the data are analyzed by Local Education Agency (“LEA”) (public school district, charter school, or system of charter schools), we see that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of LEAs in the United States reported zero allegations of sexual harassment or bullying in 2013-14. The state of New Mexico reported “0” instances of harassment and bullying based on sex in 49 percent of LEAs for 2013-14. The high rate of zeros simply defies reality, and we believe it points to very real problems in LEAs reporting systems.

We know that sexual harassment is part of everyday life in middle and high schools. Awareness and action are the only ways we can improve school climate. Thus, it is crucial that officials report accurate data about what goes on at school. On behalf of all New Mexico AAUW members, we urge that you review and correct this erroneous reporting of zero incidents of bullying based on sex and sexual harassment from the 49 percent of LEAs in New Mexico.

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Cupcakes and champagne at the Capitol

Since 1972, Title IX has opened the door for women and girls in education by prohibiting sex discrimination in America’s federally funded schools and educational activities. Our Title IX successes are hard won and never taken for granted. Although schools can no longer openly deny admission to women, we still have work to do to ensure that schools fulfill their obligations to maintain safe and equitable climates for students in all aspects of education, including STEM fields, career and technical education, sexual violence, support for pregnant and parenting students, athletics, and single-sex education.

On June 23, AAUW marked the 44th anniversary of Title IX by hosting our annual Title IX Cupcakes and Champagne celebration on Capitol Hill. More than 300 guests representing advocacy groups, federal agencies, local Title IX offices, and more than 50 House and Senate offices filled the Kennedy Caucus Room to honor Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) as the 2016 Title IX Champion.

SF 7-11-2016