Voter Information 2021

AAUW is a non-partisan, issue oriented organization. Members do provide testimony on our Public Policy Issues. See our Policy Center for our Public Policy Priorities and Issue stands.  As part of our AAUW Public Policy Program we are sharing our GOTV efforts and Voter Education Candidate Truthfulness information. Consumer Reports also has a social media “Don’t fall for these lies” guide.

How and Where to Vote?

New Mexico League of Women Voters provides basic election Information for NM Voters. Discover How to register to vote, Voting Districts and information on Absentee or In person voting.  Informacion Electoral espanol.

Candidate and Ballot Information

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Candidate lists.

For candidate and ballot information, go to VOTE411.ORG. Enter your address to see who is on your ballot and if and how they have answered questions about issues.