Work Smart Free Salary Negotiation workshop online.

Supported by grants from Coca-Cola, Luna, and the Moneen Luce Giving Circle

On average women in 2020 received $.82 for every $1.00 men made.

Women and men of color received even less.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Learn negotiation techniques for a better salary.

Fight for a Just & Fair Supreme Court

Justice Ginsburg leaves her legacy as a principled defender of justice. She led by example that the Supreme Court belongs to no political party, but rather to the American people. The people must retain the power to decide on the leaders who select our court, who defend our rights, and protect our future. The election is already underway and this monumental decision must fall to those leaders currently being chosen by voters.
Advocacy can take many forms, and AAUW honors the different skills our community brings to their activism. In that light, we have developed a number of ways for you to engage in this fight for a just and fair Supreme Court.

 AAUW 2020 Convenings

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AAUW Albuquerque Branch

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