New Mexico’s Legislature is in Session January 17 to March 18

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AAUW coming votes on Bylaws and Public Policy Priorities

This spring AAUW members will be asked to vote on amendments to the national bylaws recommended by the AAUW Board of Directors and AAUW Governance Committee. In accordance with AAUW’s bylaws, every AAUW member has the right to comment on proposed changes to the bylaws before they are put to the membership for a vote. Members may also propose changes to the Public Policy Priorities. Review and comment on AAUW’s bylaws and Public Policy Priorities  Comments can be submitted until Friday, February 3, at 5:00 pm ET.


Guests are welcome to attend a Branch meeting                                           AND view our National  AAUW Webinars. 

“Convening” Presentations are recorded and posted at the link above; scroll down the page to see the various topics available. Please contact us at our e-mail for any questions you might have. We hope you can take a moment to:

Work Smart Free Salary Negotiation workshop online.

On average women in 2020 received $.82 for every $1.00 men made. Women and men of color received even less. Learn negotiation techniques for a better salary! Supported by grants from Coca-Cola.





When will there be an Equal Pay Day

Members check out the March 6th Social Media Presentation in “members only”