AAUW Dues increases and changes

The AAUW Board of Directors will vote to change membership dues in December 2023. These changes are proposed as part of the AAUW Board’s focus on and commitment to sustainability for AAUW and if approved would take effect in spring 2024.

If you would like to provide feedback on these changes to the board prior to their vote, please do so via this link by Friday, December 15, 2023. All comments will be reviewed by AAUW staff and the Board of Directors prior to the Board’s vote. Additional information on these changes and results of the Board’s vote can be accessed via the website.

Native Women’s Equal Pay Day on November 30

Native women working full-time, year-round are paid 59 cents and all earners (including part-time and seasonal) are paid 55 cents for every dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men. This disparity is unacceptable.

Guests are welcome to attend a Branch meeting                                           AND view our National  AAUW Webinars. 

“Convening” Presentations are recorded and posted at the link above; scroll down the page to see the various topics available. Please contact us at our e-mail for any questions you might have. We hope you can take a moment to:

Work Smart Free Salary Negotiation workshop online.

On average women in 2022 received $.84 for every $1.00 men made. Women and men of color received even less. Learn negotiation techniques for a better salary! Supported by grants from Coca-Cola.





When will there be an Equal Pay Day?

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