What Should I Do If I Experience Sex Discrimination at Work?

  1. Put it in writing.  Always put everything in writing so you have a record and a timeline.
  2. Do your homework.  For more information on your rights, call the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EROC) hotline at 800-669-4000.
  3. Seek help.  Talk with your supervisor or human resource representative at work or learn about the grievance procedure.
  4. Avoid loose lips.  While the desire to talk about your case is understandable, the threat of countersuits for defamation is real.
  5. Get legal advice.  Talk to a lawyer who has specific experience with sex discrimination in the workplace.  For a referral in your state, contact your local bar association.
  6. Act quickly.  There is a statue of limitations on filing complains with the EROC.
  7. Watch your nickels and dimes.  Talk to a lawyer or an accountant about the financial burdens of a lawsuit.
  8. Visit your doctor–yes, your doctor.  You may experience a physical and emotional roll that should be addressed and documented.
  9. Prepare for the long haul.  Filing a discrimination lawsuit is a long process, but others have succeeded in fighting discrimination and you can too.
  10. Find a support network.  AAUW branches can help support you.  Find a branch near you at www.aauw.org.

Excerpted from “The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap”  Fall 2017 Edition, AAUW.