Branch Herstory

The Albuquerque Branch was officially recognized in 1927 with the avowed purpose ‘…to unite the alumni of colleges and universities on the AAUW list of qualified institutions for practical educational work, to concentrate and increase their effectiveness in the community for the solution of social and civic problems, to participate in the development and promotion of policies and programs of the American Association of University Women, to contribute to its growth and advancements, and to cooperate in its state and regional work.”
Since the founding of this branch in 1927, AAUW ABQ has made a difference in Albuquerque and New Mexico. To honor the 50th anniversary of the branch 1997, a booklet was published that included highlights of branch activities. Janet Matwiyoff was president of the board that year. Below are a few examples how AAUW ABQ made a difference.
In 1929 the branch established a well-baby clinic that it operated for eight years until church groups took it over. A Children’s Theater Program was established in 1939 and was a branch project until the PTA assumed responsibility. 1944 was a busy year. AAUW joined the Bernalillo County Youth Council. Participation resulted in the branch’s helping to locate a civic center, undertaking the “Cost of Neglect of Children and Youth” project, a study of the Girl’s Welfare home, support of a city housing code, and support of urban renewal. The Branch was very active in the establishment of the Albuquerque Museum in the late fifties. In 1960, the Current Literature study group donated twenty books to the Albuquerque Public Library. The Branch partnered with the League of Women Voters in sponsoring meet the candidates for city officers in 1972. In the past five years, members of the Branch were in leadership roles in raising funds and organizing the Tech Trek STEM camps for 8th grade girls.